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        VPF Feeds is one of the leading manufacture and suppler in the Poultry Feed supplements, in Dairies & Food Industries since last decade . All products are manufactured under standards of good manufacturing practice and comply with various international official compendia.Our highly trained and motivated employees are an integral link of the production chain. Our professionalism and high standards in all departments has resulted in a world wide acceptance of our products.
        Poultry feeds are available with several types of medications for preventing or treating diseases. Coccidiostats and/or antibiotics are the two most common medications added to feeds.Mature chickens develop a resistance to coccidiosis if allowed to contract a mild infection of the disease. Birds raised for placement in the laying flocks are fed a coccidiostat feed until about 16 weeks of age. The medicated feed is then replaced with a nonmedicated feed. Spotty outbreaks of the disease can be controlled by treating in the water with an appropriate coccidiostat. Examples of coccidiostats added to the ration include Monensin sodium, Lasalocid, Amprolium, and Salinomycin.
         Antibiotics may also be added to some poultry feeds. Antibiotics aid broiler performance and maintain healthy birds. They are usually added at low (prophylactic) levels to prevent minor diseases and produce faster, more efficient growth. Higher (therapeutic) levels are usually given in water or injected into the bird. Examples of antibiotics fed in the feed are Penicillin, Bacitracin, Chlortetracycline, and Oxytetracycline.Follow the recommended medication withdrawal periods before eating meat or eggs from the treated birds. Follow all warning instructions listed on the feed label.

Poultry Feeds & Nutrition

If poultry are expected to remain healthy and pro ductive, they must con sume adequate amounts of all the necessary nutrients
The quantity of each required nutrient varies depending on

many variables like species of bird, age, productive state, environmental conditions and disease status. Fortunately, many nutritional deficiency problems can be identified by the unique symptom each exhibits.
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